About me

I am a first-year PhD student at the Social Robotics Lab, Uppsala University. My PhD work directly targets diabetes prevention using social robots as part of the PREVENT project. My research interests concern the use of AI and Machine Learning in Social Robotics with a particular interest in robots social intelligence and their personalisation to a particular user. I'm also interested in feminist design for social robots and their use to fight common biases and inequalities in society.

I obtained my Master's in Machine Learning at KTH, Sweden in 2022. My master's thesis was in the field of social robotics where I explored the incorporation of emotions and personality into a conversational social agent (see links below).

I obtained my bachelor's degree in Computer Science with honours at the University of Pisa, Italy. My bachelor's thesis investigated the use of whole positive numbers in the traditional switching theory with applications e.g. in the field of data mining.

At Uppsala University I've been a teaching assistant in the course "Intelligent Interactive Systems" since 08/2022.

At KTH I've been a teaching assistant in the master-level courses: "Artificial Intelligence" from 12/2020 to 06/2022, "Deep learning in Data Science" from 03/2022 to 06/2022 and "Search Engines and Information Retrieval Systems" from 01/2022 to 06/2022.

Latest news

Nov '23: Gave a presentation at Arkus AI, marking the beginning of our collaboration

Oct '23: My (student) paper has been accepted at AAAI24: "Memory-Augmenting Decoder-Only Language Models through Encoders". DOI coming soon...

Aug '23: Presented at RO-MAN 2023 the paper “Personality-Adapted Language Generation for Social Robots”. Learn more here 

May '23: My first-author paper “Personality-Adapted Language Generation for Social Robots” was accepted at RO-MAN 2023. Learn more here 

April '23: Presented a robot demo to stakeholders at Uppsala for the PREVENT project  

March '23: Joined HRI2023 as a student volunteer

February '23: Built, in collaboration with KTH’s social robotics, 3 awesome Blossom robots 

My CV (Feb 2022): PDF

My Master's thesis: Towards Automatic Generation of Personality-Adapted Speech and Emotions for a Conversational Companion Robot (PDF, GitHub)