Old works

Here you can find some of my old works.

12/2020 - "The Unavoidability of Mathematical Discoveries":

12/2020 - "Fairness in Machine Learning":

10/2020 - "An Analysis of the Reliability of Research Findings" (1, 2):

09/2020 - "Ethical Concerns of General AI and Superintelligence":

09/2020 - "Can neural networks be superior to traditional theory formulation? ":

06/2020 - "Whole positive algebric forms applied to Switching Theory - Forme algebriche intere positive applicate alla Switching Theory": my Bachelor's thesis (in italian)

04/2020 - "Can computers think?": an essay I've made for the admission at TUM Informatics (accepted but did not go) where I reflect on the definition of thought and how it can be linked to today's AI